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Dear Friend,


What you're about to discover is not the "sexiest", "flashiest" or "best kept guru secret". Not even close. 


You might hear people complain that "this takes a lot of work". These same people are the ones wasting weeks, months or even years chasing one bright shiny object after another. Frantically searching for the next big thing. 


It's sad to see. 


If you want to know how to turn the knowledge in your head into cold hard cash, then my brand new book will show you exact step-by-step process to do just that.  


This book is titled;


"300 Extra"


This book is designed to help you start earning money QUICKLY!


In fact, Mike from Houston, applied the knowledge in the book, and published his first ebook in 8 hours and 13 minutes.

Adam Dukes

A recent study shows that 59% of Americans would not be able handle a $1,000 emergency, such as a medical bill or a car repair.


A startling statistic. 


Terrifying to think about. 

If you're in the 59%, this book is designed to help reduce some of that financial burden.


If you're in the 41%, this book will help you knock out your monthly car payment or grocery bill, pay down debt, or stash away a chuck of change in your savings account. 


This is a step-by-step book teaching you how to earn $300 extra (or more) each and every month from selling the knowledge in your head. 


$300/month is the initial (achievable) goal. 


You have my permission to absolutely obliterate that goal! 


And I am here rooting for you to do just that! 


Every person on this planet has a skill set, an experience, or knowledge that can be packaged into a small ebook that can can be turned into a profitable asset. An asset that can earn you money 24/7/365.


Let Me Show You Some Simple Math

Here's what's possible with a $10 ebook;

  • Sell 1 a day = $300 extra a month
  • Sell 5 a day = $1,500 extra a month
  • Sell 10 a day = $3,000 extra a month

The eLearning industry is a $200-billion dollar a year industry, with projected growth up to $325-billion dollars by 2025, (Forbes)


It's time for you to grab a slice of the pie!


You Might Be Thinking...

  • "I don't have time"

    You'll discover a shockingly simple strategy to write your ebook in one 2 hour sitting! 

  • "I don't have the money"

    You'll learn about 3 FREE tools that you can use to launch your first ebook for ZERO dollars and ZERO cents

  • "How many pages does my ebook need to be?"

    The most common question I get asked, and people are shocked by what I tell them (revealed on page 15)

  • "I'm not a writer"

    You don't need to be! You'll discover how to purchase the rights to books that are already published (often times for less than $10/book) (revealed on page 16)

  • "I'm not an expert in anything"

    FALSE! You'll discover a 9-word sentence that'll vanish that false belief immediately (revealed on page 7)

  • "I don't know how to sell"

    You get access to an outline that you can post on a FREE website that acts as your sales person. This sales person works for you 24/7/365 (revealed on page 19)

What Others Are Saying About 300 Extra...

  "Published his ebook in less than 9 hours" 

Adam Dukes eBook “300 Extra” was just what I need to get moving quickly.  His easy to read and follow guide provided me with just the right amount of information and details to hit the ground running.  In less than 8 ½ hours, I had read his book, identified my subject, written my eBook, created my cover, and published online to begin selling.  I highly recommend Adam’s book for any newbie wanting to publish their first eBook.  Let your will to succeed be stronger than your excuses.

Michael W.

  "Thank you for the push. I needed it"

I have posted my 1st ebook thanks to you. Thank you for the push. I needed it.

Joy W.

  "I was able to sell 7 copies my first day!"

How many times gave you heard someone say, “ I could write a book about ...... “ (enter your topic of interest)  That's how I felt about the Kettle Corn business. I wanted to write a book but I didn’t have a clue where to begin. Then I came across 300 Extra by Adam Dukes. Thanks to his instruction I was able to write and publish my first ebook! The process was clear and steps well laid out. Thanks to the resources he recommended, I was able to sell 7 copies my first day! No doubts I’m be writing another ebook in the near future. 
Thanks Adam for the great product!

Rob S.

  "You certainly gave me incentive"

It’s been rolling around in my head for quite a while, and I started doing this actual method back in April… but decided, thanks to you and your 300 extra guide, that it was time to get off the fence and write something to sell!

Dave G.

  "Perfect blueprint"

Excellent info in your ebook! Perfect blueprint. Thanks for the extra push I needed to finally put the pen to the pad.

Taylor T.

  "You have
inspired me"

Thank you so much for this challenge!  I purchased it and am working like a fiend.  The way that you wrote your guide is very informative and easy to follow, along with being inspiring!!  This is a project that I have wanted to try for years, so I am giving it a go.  I am working my full time job as well, typing away in between calls. So, I don't have much time for this thank you, but thank you nonetheless.  You have inspired me and I appreciate you!

Shawnee B.

48 Hour "Make Money" Guarantee

This is something very few, if any, marketer offers. I have unshakable faith in this book (look at the success people are already having), so I am putting my money where my mouth is. 


Something very few entrepreneurs have the balls to do. 


When you invest in 300 Extra today, I am rewarding the FAST action takers!


If you write and publish your ebook within 48 hours of purchase, I will be your first paying customer!


This must be a brand new ebook, priced at $10 or below and listed on website I recommend.


You simply have absolutely nothing to lose! The risk is COMPLETELY on me. 


Where else do you GET PAID to invest in a book? No where...I searched the world wide web for an offer like this. It simply does not exist!

Secure Your Copy of 300 Extra Below!

How to Earn $300/Month 
Selling Laughably 
 Little eBooks 

Here's a glimpse of what's inside 300 Extra;

  • Discover a shockingly simple strategy to write your ebook in one 2 hour sitting! 

  • Discover 3 FREE tools that you can use to launch your first ebook for ZERO dollars and ZERO cents

  • How to obtain the rights to books that are already published (often times for less than $10/book)

  • Get access to an outline that you can post on a FREE website that acts as your 24/7/365 sales person. 

    You will receive login details via email to a private
    membership area to access your 300 Extra guide + bonuses. 

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